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NSW Complete Financial Services Group

  ABN 791 284 037 98

Australian Financial Services Lic (AFS) 457600 Australian Credit Lic (ACL) 424296

Wealth and Accumulation

Once you've made a start, you'll find that a range of investment and superannuation opportunities exists to help you build wealth.

For long-term capital growth, it makes sense to invest in a spread of growth-oriented investments, such as Australian shares, property and international shares. That way, you are not exclusively reliant upon the fortunes of any one market to provide returns over the longer term.

Sometimes it can take a long time to save up a meaningful amount of money to invest. That can be frustrating, especially if there are good opportunities you'd like to take advantage of.

If you'd like to achieve your financial goals sooner, have more money to invest and spread your investments more widely, one of the opportunities might involve borrowing to invest (or gearing).

A gearing strategy involves making use of existing assets to place investments that would otherwise be beyond your reach. But it's not without risks, and we can help you understand whether this and other investment strategies are right for your personal situation.